Monday, July 16, 2007

D-DAY 6 JUNE 1944
Battlefront/Flames of War
The latest Flames of War supplement, Bloody Omaha, allows fans of this game system the opportunity to recreate the D-Day battle for Omaha Beach. Produced in full color, the book is yet another in the beautifully produced rules supplements. 60 pages.
The choices available to the defending Germans and attacking Americans are primarily infantry ones to include US Rangers; there are MANY different support weapons choices to allow the construction of an almost limitless amount of forces. The book contains the traditional painting guides, battle history, specific unit histories (and the guidelines to reproduce them) and two scenarios. The book is beautifully illustrated like all other Battlefront books with cool extras like a new hero (General Cota), how LCVPs were loaded and maps of the landing areas. A photo of a game board, specifically made for one of the scenarios, is just too cool! The part of this supplement that really sets it apart from others are the rules for beach fortifications – barbed wire, trenches, gun pits, tank obstacles and rocket launchers compliment the different bunkers to include anti-tank, light gun, HMG and tank turret bunkers! There are instructions on how to either make these from scratch or modify “Battlefield in a Box” bunkers. The tank turrets can be purchased as a set instead of having to cannibalize early war French tanks. These are really cool looking pieces to put on the table – even though they are static formations, they make really sharp looking figures. This book is another book that covers a part of the D-Day battlefield and promotes the opportunity for gamers to field more infantry based armies on both sides of the table. This and the inclusion of the extensive Festung Europa field fortifications makes the book a must for the Flames of War enthusiast.


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