Thursday, July 05, 2007

Litko Areosystems
Litko makes a selection of clear templates with 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch radii so that even the most annoying rules lawyer cannot argue about which figures are or are not in the blast radius of your attack. Three 4-inch high legs that are held in place with two very small rubber bands support each template. This will allow the template to be raised or lowered to whatever height desired on the gaming table. The clear plastic really helps to clear up any discrepancies on the gaming battlefield. Another advantage of the range of selection is the ability to use the right radius as either needed or as able to be placed on the table due to terrain or other obstructions. Take care when removing the supporting legs is to hold on to the little rubber band as the leg clears the template or else the small rubber band will go into the oblivion where small parts tend to fly and never get found. Just in case, Litko has thoughtfully included some spare rubber bands, for just such an emergency!
Litko makes lots of other clear templates like 30, 45 and 600 fire arcs as well as lots of other cool things to help with practically all your wargaming needs.


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