Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vendel Miniatures

Vendel Miniatures make several lines of figures including those specific for Border Reiver period. Six different “families”, a raiding party, additional and the March Warden are produced along with many other items for this turbulent period in English/Scottish history (e.g. flags, mastiffs). Many of these figures are based upon drawings in the Osprey MAA 279 Border Reivers book illustrated by Angus McBride. There are sister lines to include the “O’Neils”, an Irish family just in case you wish to take the fight to Ireland.
The March Warden set comes with 5 horse and 26 foot figures. The riders include figures like the March Warden, a bugler and three lancers (one of whom I have used as my rider holding a bit of burning sod) and definitely fall into my “gotta have them ‘cause they’re too cool” category. The foot figures have an assortment of weapons, separately cast so that you can pick and choose who will carry what and to allow more variance in the figures. Both foot and horse figures are 28H and match very well with my existing figs from other well known US and UK companies. Another of the amazing things about this “family” is that all of the figures are unique! 26 foot figs = 26 different poses! There are two figs with pistols, 12 with muskets and another 12 with hand held weapons. The pack comes with more than enough shields and hand weapons from which to choose including swords, spears and halberds. While there was an assortment of trousers/pants, each figure sported breast and back plates as well as morion type helmets – well, they are the March Warden’s men aren’t they?! There was very little flash on the figures I chose to paint for the article. The figures were a breeze to prepare; the riders fit very naturally and easily onto their mounts without the need to trim anything. The faces are very animated with lots of detail in each figure making them a lot of fun to paint!
No warden would dare set out on a dangerous “Hot Trod” without the assistance of his faithful mastiffs. Vendel makes three different types; those included here were both resting and upright. These figures needed little cleaning and painted up very quickly with great results! Very nicely animated and aggressive looking, these fellows are a must for those autumn forays across the border.
Speaking of a “Hot Trod” and border reiving, Vendel provides a set of FREE rules entitled “Hot Trod and Red Hand” to allow gamers the opportunity to use these beautiful figures. Merely click on the “Border Reivers” icon from the website and the link to the rules is next to the first large photo on the page. All you need do is pick a family, paint them up and start picking on someone else!
The final picture is from a game I ran at the local Enfilade convention. It was a wild free for all and everyone had lots of fun! Here the March Warden and his men arrive to a scene of utter chaos – please note the scratch built bit of flaming sod on top of the spear.


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