Thursday, July 05, 2007


by Brigade Games
If you have Marines and Australians, you have to have someone to fight and Brigade Games has a wide line of infantry, artillery, machinegun and tank packs for the Imperial Japanese Army (though I have seen some painted up nicely to represent Special Naval Landing Forces). Some very neat packs include snipers and anti-tank teams. Like the Marines, these packs have a wide selection of poses, mix of equipment and headgear. Please refer to the “Brushstrokes” article in HMG Issue #8 where the Japanese infantry and some command figures were highlighted.
The command figures are very distinctive with most of them sporting swords or attempting to draw them. They measure 25M on the Barrett scale and are proportionally smaller than their USMC counterparts. All have soft hats with various amounts of equipment and really look amazing once painted up.
Brigade Games’ PACWAR line has now offered its second PC Deal figure – a Japanese flag bearer. Beautifully sculpted, it is a 23M figure, though this does not accurately reflect its height as the figure is leaning forward, charging across the battlefield. The figure is sprinting forward and is wearing a helmet and full kit – ammo pouches, bread bag, canteen, bayonet/scabbard with a rifle slung across his back. It is still not listed on the Brigade Games website but I anticipate it is available just like the John Wayne SGT Stryker figure – free! when ordering six PACWAR packs. This figure is unique and an excellent piece. It is definitely worth getting!

More photos of the Japanese shirtless artillery crews firing from behind coconut log defenses (also available from Brigade Games) and the anti-tank teams assaulting a Marine flame-throwing tank.


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