Thursday, July 05, 2007

When I first got my Hour of Glory game over a year ago Gav and Wolfrik included the newer sentries with greatcoats. Some of them were so cool that I chose to use them instead of the standard sentries that can with the game (that is why the top photos include a mix of sentries with and without greatcoats!) Please check out the full review of the “Hour of Glory” game and figures from July 2007 for more information and details.
As in the previous review, the miniatures produced by Warm Acre really bring the game to life! All of the figures come with slotted bases and fit nicely into them though another option is to use the metal scenic bases that make it look like the figure is standing on a stony floor. The figures carry rifles, wear ammo pouches and gas mask container (one has a bread bag). All have the look of a man who has been forced to stand for hours upon end waiting and watching for nothing to happen!While the sentries are usually “targets” in the game, the guards mean business! These guards are armed with SMGs – initially I had wanted to use a few cool looking figures when I set the game up but chose not to upset the intent of the original game balance. Each has an MP38 and wears an assortment of gear – ammo pouches, gas mask container, bread bag, canteen and pack. If you are looking for a game that offers a change of pace to the usual shoot ‘em up style and requires stealth and wits (and some shooting!) HoG is a great choice and these figures really compliment the game well and make it even more fun to play!
For a limited time, the company is offering free postage across the pond - nice!


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