Thursday, July 05, 2007

When you want a change of pace from the stealth and guile involved in the Hour of Glory’s (HoG) stronghold, their variant game “Bunkerstorm” is the ticket. Just the opposite of HoG, Bunkerstorm requires speed, audacity, skill and firepower to play and win. The original opponents in this expansion game are British and German paratroopers in five man teams.
The British Red Devils sport their characteristic red berets and wear little equipment on their web gear – expected of a force that intends to get involved in a short, sharp firefight! Their commander has a pistol and already has a target in view! Half of the remaining four-team members carry Bren guns and the other half rifles. They are a little more casually posed than their German counterparts, perhaps, reflecting a combination of bulldog and typical British calm. This should not fool anyone into thinking this team is a pushover as all Bunkerstorm teams are tough!
The Fallschirmjager wear their trademark brimless helmets except for their leader who has a hat made famous by mountain troops. The carry a little more equipment and are more aggressively posed. Like the British two have SMGs and two rifles; the commander (a lefty!) has a pistol. All are wearing jump smocks. Painting both the Red and Green Devils will be LOTS of fun for wargamers who like to paint their interesting camouflage schemes.
New teams are now available to play Bunkerstorm to include: British commandos, US Rangers, Soviet scouts, German mountain troops (my personal favorite) and partisans. The items available from the Warm Acre Forge increase all the time and are always worth checking out! And did I mention the limited time for the free postage?


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