Wednesday, July 04, 2007

20MM Figures, Armour and Artillery
Figures, Armour and Artillery (FAA) have presented a selection of 20mm figures from their WWII line to include German field police and British commandos with command. My first thought when I saw these figures was what a nice objective marker/group the feldpolizei would make and, almost immediately, “Darn, I do not play WWII in 20mm!” The figures, especially the military police, are very nice figures.
The three German MPs stand as if guarding a checkpoint or ready to guide traffic each armed with a different weapon and each wearing different sorts of equipment. Two wear gorgets, the symbol of their authority. The commander rests with his arms on his SMG ammo pouches, looking on with an air of authority.
The British commandos have similar uniforms – all wear berets and backpacks, in fact, they appear to be quite heavily laden! The overall commander is easy to identify with his pistol; all of the other command section figures are armed with submachine guns. The rifle section consists of three riflemen and a bren gunner. All of the commando figures look like they are advancing into battle and all but one are standing.FAA appears to make a wide range of 20mm miniatures to allow wargamers to play in any early war theater of WWII. There are figures to support all of the major and many of the minor countries that fought in that great conflict – the early war is a particular favorite of mine and these nice looking figures make that possible.


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