Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Miniature Service Center
When I was in college we had a phrase: “Go big or go home!” Well, the Miniature Service Center (MSC) and Trident Designs have chosen to “go big” with their 40mm Battleroad American War of Independence (AWI) figures. The AWI is an excellent period in which to game in 40mm as the number of troops on each side is small and few cavalry are needed.
A selection of colonial militia/minutemen and British regulars were made available for this review (of the approximately 100 infantry and artillery miniatures available). The figures were 35-37M on the Barrett Scale and only the grenadier standing firing had a molded weapon. All other figures had weapons for individual or both hands – the neat thing about this is that many of the hands are interchangeable (and the website shows nicely painted figures with different combinations for comparison!) The two-handed weapons fit perfectly into the arms of the figures, a compliment to the sculpting. The figures are beautifully sculpted with lots of detail and wear varied bits of equipment like canteen, ammo pouches, backpack, powder horns and spare pistols. Their poses are very patriotic and inspiring (or loyal and inspiring depending on the side you prefer!) Only five of the six figures are presented here as I plan to paint one using the techniques described by Sascha Herm in his DVD – I think the final presentation will look spectacular.Another very sharp things located on the MSC are the photographs that show the scratch built AWI buildings by Fred & Marie Carroccio. They are beautiful buildings that compliment a beautifully sculpted line of AWI figures.


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