Thursday, July 05, 2007

by Brigade Games
Brigade Games has a wide range of figures for the WWII Pacific War (and recently introduced a beautiful selection of Australians – I got to see them before they were scheduled to be introduced at Fall In!) that permits gamers to play all sorts of scenarios in the Far East. They have multiple packs of US Marines to include command (the figure in the front left of the photo), infantry (the rest of the photo), a BAR team, raiders x2, machineguns, howitzer (gun and crew) and engineers (can anyone pass up figs with bangalore torpedoes, satchel charges and flame throwers?)
The Marines measure 27M on the Barrett scale and are very clean, making prep time quick and easy. The USMC figures come with a wide variety of equipment, backpacks, ammo pouches, canteens, shovels, etc. so that no two poses are alike in any of the sets they produce. The sets have a mix of advancing and firing poses, with mostly standing figures (I know most real marines would be looking for cover, but I really prefer standing to kneeling poses, personally). The detail on the figures makes painting very simple and fun – put on your favorite marine movie, break out the paints and try not to hum the Marine Corps Hymn!
From “The Sands of Iwo Jima” to your wargaming table, Brigade Games now produces the John Wayne character “Sgt John Stryker” to add new character to WWII Pacific island fighting. He fits perfectly with their existing USMC line. The figure is wearing standard Marine camouflage covered helmet, full sleeves and canvas gaiters. Equipped with a rifle, ammo pouches, two canteens and shovel, this leatherneck is ready for action! This figure is available for free with the purchase of six Brigade Games PacWar figures.

Check out the cool shots from a game played using Brigade Games’ PacWAr figures. Here the Marines are storming the beaches of a Japanese held island.


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