Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Assault Group REN-083
Little Wars LLC
The extensive Renaissance line available from the Assault Group/Little Wars is truly complimented by the Cossack Moloitsy with swords and pistols pack. Moloitsy (boys) represented the bulk of the rank and file of the Cossack army who fought in loose order. There are four packs of Moloitsy and this one appears to represent the command section.
These figures, like the other figures in this line, are 27M (please refer to HMG Issue #7). There are four different poses all with swords and two have pistols. Their dress is as different as I have ever seen in a single pack of miniatures – the figure that looks like the overall leader wears a fir cap and long cape, advancing with sword drawn and pistol ready to fire. Another figure, also richly dressed, calmly smokes his pipe, awaiting the enemy. The third pose represents a poorer soldier wearing only shirt and pants and the last, while wearing some type of neck jewelry, is shirtless as he attacks his foes. This last figure reminds me of the Cossack envoy who gets impaled in the Polish Trilogy “With Fire and Sword”.
Like many of the other figures reviewed this issue, these figures practically paint themselves. They are beautifully sculpted and would compliment anyone’s collection of figures. The ability to choose almost any color you wish makes these figures lots of fun to paint. I can guarantee that these figures will be in the front lines if I can ever get my Polish Commonwealth army painted!
Leader cape – V869, uniform V841
Leader (pipe) – shirt V907/951, vest V970/969, pants V926
Poor soldier – shirt V819, pants V850Shirtless soldier – pants V874


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