Sunday, November 11, 2007

Battlefront/Flames of War
The campaign for Villers-Bocage 12-16 June 1944 is presented in the Flames of War supplement of the same name. This supplement, like all the others in the Flames of War library, is beautifully illustrated in full color, another of the very professionally produced supplements for their popular rules system. 70 pages.
The forces that can be constructed from Villers-Bocage are among the “coolest” of all the supplements: SS units, Panzer Lehr and the famed Desert Rats! For the Germans you can choose from among armored, heavy SS tank (schwere), panzer grenadier and pioneer companies with neat divisional support weapons like radio controlled “Borgward” carriers, Nebelwerfer rocket batteries and the mammoth Kingtiger! The special hero Hauptmann Michael Wittman and his Tiger I crewmates are very dangerous combination!
All the British selections come from the 7th Armored Division, tough veterans from the North African campaign. Choices include armored, motor and rifle companies. There are special rules for the Royal Irish Hussars, the Tyne and Tees division and their own special hero, Sargeant Tom Stanley. Both sides, as with all the Flames of War rules, have almost endless options available to allow the construction of a wide variety of forces.
The heart of this supplement is the rules that allow the replay the Villers-Bocage campaign. Starting with Wittman’s Wild Ride that can be used to set up Pointe 213 that can be used to influence the set up of the final scenario, Villers-Bocage, 13 June 1944. Neat little rules like “The Commander is Away”, “Tea Time” and “Other Places, Other Times”, painting guides for Panzer Lehr, the Desert Rats and stunning photos to help set up the terrain for each of the scenarios make this another supplement that fans of Flames of War will want to have!


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