Sunday, November 11, 2007

BLOCKADE RUNNER (BANSHEE I) Thoroughbred Figures Ironclad
The newest model available from Thoroughbred miniatures is a Blockade Runner based on the Banshee I. As a part of Thoroughbred’s flagship Ironclads line, the Banshee I is a 1/600 scale ship that continues the tradition of extremely well molded ships. This miniature consists of 13 pieces that all fit perfectly together or with only some very minor filing. The precision of Thoroughbred ship construction is only surpassed by the sculpting of the ship designs.
The hull and paddlewheels of the Banshee is molded from a single piece of white metal. This is a major advantage over previous designs as cleaning the separate paddlewheels and then gluing them to the model could be a very tricky proposition. The paddlewheel houses have the letters “S” and “P” molded into the underside to aid in construction. The railing that goes on the walkway between the two paddlewheel houses actually glues in place quite easily. The masts are supposed to be tilted back and the support holes appear designed to guide this angle. The small winches, that are used to haul the contraband smuggles in its holds, are best placed with a pair of tweezers. The wheel slips very smoothly into the hole at the stern – a perfect fit. There are no guns on this ship, but, hey, it is a blockade runner!
Like all of the other ships in the Ironclad line, you need only purchase and paint one of these beauties in order to play a game. This ship was painted in shades of black/charcoal for anything that would be seen from a level view and browns/tans for the deck items. Thoroughbred ships are very fun and easy to prepare and paint – this model was completed, from start to finish, in one evening!


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Mr.Marx said...

Hey. Really good model and review.

Im thinking of converting this model into a 1/1200 scale SS Great Eastern as part of a counterfactual confederate navy.

How long is the hull? and what parts does it come in, particularly is the superstucture cast on to the hull or seporate?




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