Sunday, July 01, 2007

I-94 Enterprises

I-94 makes decals for 15mm, 20mm, 1/144th, 1/285th and 1/300th scales for almost any wargaming need. Each set comes with two identical decal sheets with both sides facing out so you can see all the decals; the number of decals varies from set to set depending on size and type of decals. Of the five sets I was given to review (for 15mm scale), the WWII Hungarian/Romanian Armor set (MI-110) has 160 decals (38 in 20mm scale), WWII US N. Africa (US-120) has 172, WWII German/Italian License plates (MI-109) has 190, WWII French armor (FR-101) has 310 and WWII German armor numbers (NW-101) has a whopping 340 decals!
Long gone are the days when I painstakingly painted the insignia on my WWII planes. It was a task I put off for as long as I could – my WWII armor still does not have insignia because I put it off for so long that I have not gotten around to finishing them completely. I have no idea what I was thinking. There are just so many advantages to using decals – they are a breeze to apply, they are uniform and they are inexpensive!
The advantage of using I-94 decals, especially for planes, is they provide different size decals in the same packet. The Hungarian/Romanian packet, for example, has 10 small under wing/fuselage and eight medium sized decals (there are obviously more in sets dedicated to a single, more common nationality like the US, UK, Germany, etc. – as an aside, one of the WWII German sets is the only one to produce tail swastikas without a circle around them).
Use whatever style you prefer to apply the decals and you will be very pleased with the results. You will find that the very necessary finishing touch of adding unit/national insignia is accomplished very quickly for little effort and cost!


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