Sunday, March 25, 2007

Company B
Company B makes a wide range of 1/56th scale vehicles for WWII (at this time most of their vehicles are for the WWII period). If you are tired of looking for hard to find – and in the case of the Sutton Skunk – or obscure vehicle, Company B needs to be the first place you search. After doing some research, their design team identified the AFVs that were missing in the market and decided to produce them. Their current line has vehicles primarily for the Pacific War and North Africa but if you check out their website you can see there is a wide range things intended - and you can see where these vehicles are in their stages of production. The Russian Civil War trains look intriguing!
The Sutton Skunk is intended to support the Russian Civil War and the back of beyond. Francis Sutton was an engineer who lost his right hand at Gallipoli during WWI. He became more famous as an inventor and designer of weapons and was an advisor to Chinese warlords. While this AFV works perfectly for this period of fighting it shouldn’t be limited by it. It is suitable for type of wargaming, from historical to even sci-fi, where unique looking vehicles are needed.
I had a chance to play with this before it was released at Cold Wars 2007. Made of three pieces of resin, the treads fit snugly into the sides of the tractor, guided by two male/female plugs/receptacles. Some very minor filing may be needed because the fit is very precise (remember that the wheel with the metal bits over it goes to the front). The casting and sculpting are top notch; while this tractor is a must for anyone who likes to game in the back of beyond, it is also one of those very cool vehicles that works for other wargames as well. A driver, specific for this vehicle is in the design stage, so look for it! The initial plans were to produce only about 40 of these vehicles on a limited basis - FYI!
Company B vehicles and drivers, riders, stowage and decals that support these vehicles are available through the Brigade Games website.


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