Thursday, March 29, 2007


Battlefront/Flames of War
The book represents Battlefront’s first publication of a “campaign book” to allow Flames of War gamers connect individual battles into a series of games. Like all other Battlefront publications it is beautifully presented with a brief history of the D-Day landings and Normandy campaign, lots of inspirational color photos, a new mission (“Hit the Beach”), several new rules that are specific to Normandy (like the infamous bocage) and “How to” sections that give tips on building beaches and bocage. There are descriptions of Allied and German armored vehicles specific to the campaign to include “Hobart’s Funnies”. Two scenarios give British and American players the opportunity to breach Hitler’s Atlantic Wall as well as two campaigns: “Breville Gap” pits a German counter attack against the British near the vital Orne River bridge and “Cutting the Cotentin” allows American forces, at the other end of the landing beaches, the opportunity to move across the Cotentin peninsula, thus isolating the port of Cherbourg. 61 pages, ownership of the 2nd edition rules is required to fully use this book.
My first impression of this book was: “Wow!” In my opinion, it is one of the best books produced by Battlefront. It is highly polished and very professionally presented. One of the nice things I like about the text is that is gives specific references to pages in other Flames of War books. This small thing significantly speeds up reading and preparing new games - a very nice touch.
The introduction of a book that supports campaigns has been definitely needed. Commanders now will have to weigh their options more closely – as each battle affects the forces involved in the next battle, as well as where it will be played, players will have to decide whether the risks of losing units is worth the gains they would produce. Battles and games may not be fought to the very last stand as thoughtful commanders pull battered forces back to save them to fight another day. This truly opens new opportunities to develop different strategies and tactics! I have yet to play or watch a campaign played to a conclusion but when I do, I’ll be sure to have it published! This book is a must for the Flames of War gamer.


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