Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pugsy Flannagan Goes Down in d' Third (PGJ10)

O.K. so I might have said “Thoid” instead of “Third” just like Curly from the Three Stooges but the name makes this pack clear – pugilists! Pulp Figures makes a line of unique figures that fit the “pulp Hollywood-type movies” set in the 1920s and 30s. The range is vast from military figures (US, British, German, Japanese and Chinese) to mobsters, cavemen, unique personalities and just plain “weird menace” (not my words but from the website!) All are done just a little tongue in cheek, which adds to the allure of these figures and this “period”. The five figures are about 27mm tall to the eyes with the ring manager being slightly smaller and the boxers slightly larger. Cleaning and prep was a synch as the figures are very cleanly cast.
The boxer’s set has two fighters, a ring announcer (who reminds me of the referee, Mils Lane, from the claymation TV show “Celebrity Deathmatch”), a manager (that bears a strong resemblance to Mick from the Rocky films) and the fighter’s producer with a stogie. Each boxer, rippling with muscles and obviously powerful, is wearing boxing trunks and high top boots. The announcer looks like he’s announcing the fight (“in this cornah, the undisputed champeen of the world… “), the manager has a towel over his shoulder, crossed arms and a tough scowl and the manager, well, he’s just looking as slick as he is supposed to in his straw hat! While it would seem that only the boxers would possess real action poses, the other figures’ more subtle looks makes all the figures intriguing.The Pulp Figures line is very interesting from top to bottom. Need some US Rocket Corps troops, some mad scientists or other one of a kind figures for the next wargame you plan to run? Check out this website first. I am still struggling to figure out how I can easily (and cheaply) build a sturdy zeppelin…


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