Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sgt. Prestown of the Yukon (PYP1)

This pack also comes with the equivalent of 5 figures per set (if you count a horse as two – seems fair to me.) The characters are about 27mm measured to their eyes and need little prep work to clean what little flash there is on each figure. The set contains a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman both mounted and dismounted, his trusty steed and a husky dog figure.
The horse is very robust without looking bulky and the rider fits perfectly on top without any need for remodeling. This is something I like a lot – it’s annoying to have to cut off parts of the horse in order to allow the rider to fit nicely (it’s particularly frustrating when painting a lot of cavalry and you’ve got to remember which rider goes with which horse.) The perfect match here makes gluing the rider on after he’s painted a breeze. A husky dog is also included as this Mounties’s best friend and the detail on his hair makes painting and shading simpler. The Sgt. Prestown wears the standard uniform of the RCMP with a Sam Browne belt and flat brimmed Stetson. The detail on each RCMP figure makes painting very easy – for example, the pockets are raised to allow shading and highlighting and the rank on the right arm is raised just enough to make painting the sergeant’s stripes much easier.There is no need to buy books for painting guides as the RCMP and Wikipedia offer exactly enough guidance to paint him appropriately. I couldn’t resist and painted him like the cartoon hero of my youth, Dudley Do-Right! I wonder, is a Snidely Whiplash character is planned?


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