Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Little Wars sells a wide variety of miniatures and one of the newest is Modern Russians (RRI-001) as a part of the Assault Group line of figures. These miniatures are crisply cast in white metal and need only a little cleaning with an X-Acto to prepare them for painting. They are very sturdy yet not bulky - the thin assault rifle barrels hold up well (mine survived a cross country drive and the grasp of my 17 month old!) While the tallest standing figure measures 25mm to his eyes, most figures are crouching or kneeling. Packaged in groups of 8, there is two of each figure. The figures are posed in several very aggressive action poses, are wearing hooded tops and what looks like body armor. The figures are armed with AK-74s, come with lots of ammo pouches, bags and sport soft, woolen caps.
These figures look great and are posed very realistically with clear, clean details that should make painting fun and a breeze. I have not had the time to paint any at this time but if they are anything like the Renaissance Poles and Cossacks that I have painted, will look very nice (please refer to the Assault Group reviews in the HMG magazine for reference) – when I do get them painted, I will add the photos here and update this review. You can find more at:
(main site - click on “Assault Group” to find Modern Russians)


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