Thursday, December 28, 2006

CSS Baltic (TS71) is the latest in the line of ships available for the Confederacy in the ACW. This is the last of the models available for review and is the weighiest (a personal preference of mine.) She is cast in a similar manner to the other ships in the line - the parts fit so well together that when cutting parts off supporting sprues the metal spreads a tiny bit. Filing this makes the part fit smoothly - it is so satisfying to know the pieces will fit so well all the time. The guns on this ship are educated guesswork and she suffers from the usual problem of Confederate vessels - underpowered engines. Her design is also similar to the USS Indianola with some significant differences - her aft sections are unarmored. Using references and the Indianola card from "The Ironclads" rules set, I was able to make a card that gives a good representation of the unique qualities of this ship. I experimented with the dark red brown wooden colors and put sections of "rust" on the metal parts of the ship (drybrushed dark/chocolate brown, red brown and just the hint of orange as the high highlight.) After all, she is a Rebel ship!


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