Thursday, December 28, 2006

USS Casco (TS61b) is a 1/600th scale ship to allow recreation of naval battles of the ACW. This ship represents the torpedo version of this class of vessel that was a less than successful design. Armed with an 11" Dahlgren Smoothbore on the open deck and two spar torpedoes, she is a challenge to play well. Cast in white metal, the ship is very crisply cast with very clean parts that need only a little filing or cutting with a hobby knife to prepare. All of the parts fit perfectly in the holes provided, a testament to the quality of the sculpting and casting, as are all of the ships in the Thoroughbred line. The ships paint up very quickly, esp. the Union monitors (you cannot go wrong with shades of faded black!) There are about 70 different ships from which to choose. One of the many great things I like about these ships and this line is the fact that, if you are gaming with other friends, you really need only to paint one ship in order to play! Of course, that was the way I started out and now own about 30 of these beautiful ships. The entire line of ships can be found at:


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