Thursday, December 28, 2006

USS Chillicothe (TS72) represents the newest of the American ships available for the ACW. It is also cast in white metal and, like all the other ships in this line, needs very little work to remove what few casting lines there are. All of the pieces fit very nicely together so painting and construction was a breeze. The metal portions of the ship are black, drybrushed charcoal with steel highlights. The wooden portions are shades of light browns (I always try to drybrush through three different shades as I like the effects they offer - the darkest base color is covered with the main color I would like to use and a third, lighter color, highlights that - I find the highest highlight can cover any errors of the main color and adds some depth.) She mounts two 11'' Dahlgren SBs forward (on pivots) and two 9" Dahlgren SBs aft. This ship has similar ship characteristics to the USS Indianola, also available from Thoroughbred. Using the Indianola as a reference, I took artistic license to make my own data card for this ship based on reference books I owned in order to account for differences in the Chillicothe. Playing with the same type ships all the time would not be fun, right?


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