Saturday, December 30, 2006

10mm Napoleonics
Magister Militum, available through by Little Wars, produces a wide range of 10mm miniatures for ancients. It is now producing a line of miniatures for the Napoleonic Wars. The pack available for this review was Unit 4 (French Line Infantry) that represented line infantry. I used to gray primer and light gray/white in an attempt to show off the rich detail available, even in a figure so small – there are straps on the backpacks! There are 30 figures in a pack with one officer, standard-bearer and drummer as well as 27 line infantry in an advancing pose; they measure 10mm from the base to their eyes. The six figures I selected to paint had little flash on them and were quickly prepared and primed. Since returning home this summer, my painting time is really limited to only less than two hours in the evening with frequent interruptions for diaper changes, sippy cups of apple juice, etc. I was able to easily get all six painted in one sitting and was really pleased with the results – esp. when considering I know little about Napoleonic uniforms! I can imagine it would take no time to paint a full unit of these great looking figures. To see an entire wargaming table of these figures would really dazzle the eye - truly a "Master of the Soldiers!"


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