Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Available from RLBPS
Copplestone Castings offers a wide selection of historical miniatures. The figures presented for review here are “The Candy Kid’s Street Punks” (GNS) from their Gangsters line and made available to HMG by RLBPS, their US distributor. The gangsters come 4 to a pack; the 20mm bases are included in each pack. Each figure is 27mm tall from the base to their eyes. Like all of Copplestone’s figures (in my collection so far), they are well proportioned, clean and very nicely cast.
The gangsters in this set have a variety of weapons. One of the two painted figures is firing a shotgun from the hip. Hatless, with windswept hair, he is dressed in a suit and tie. The second is armed with a knife and knuckledusters. The figure wears his shirtsleeves rolled up, an open vest and a soft “newsboy cap”. There is a figure armed with a baseball bat and also wears a "newsboy cap" like the knife wielding tough. The suspenders holding up his trousers are easily seen from behind and are a nice touch. The last figure is advancing, firing an automatic handgun. Also wearing a suit like the other gun-toting figure, he dons a fedora.
I found the figures easy to clean, prep and paint. The “free” base that came with the figure was a nice bonus – the figures balanced well when set up in them. I think these figures will work very well with those from Dixon reviewed earlier this year. The final results were very nice and I was very pleased with how the figures looked. For other Copplestone figures please check out:
(main site – scroll down to find and click on “Copplestone” to find the entire line of figures)


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