Monday, August 10, 2009

Desperata Ferro!, Wargaming Guides Series #1
By Lluis Vilalta
The Catalan Wargames Resource has produced a fantastic publication on the War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) Catalonia Stands Alone (CSA). The text describes how, despite the WSS having also been fought in Spain, the armies of Spain are among the least well known, especially in Spain herself! This is an all inclusive article, intended as a comprehensive guide, and has sections on uniforms colors, vexillography (flags – when I first saw this word I had to look it up!) with three separate files for flag plates and information about wargaming the era. Best of all, the entire project is available as a free download from their website! Multiple color drawings, maps, three flag plates, 47 pages total, with extensive bibliography.
A link to CSA can be found on the home page of the website. It is an excellent addition to the knowledge base for those of us who really enjoy gaming the WSS and is an impressive introduction to the Wargames Guides Series. The pages are easily translated with the Google Translator that is clearly visible on the front page. The article is very well written and the sections on uniform clothing show generic drawing of foot and horse to easily show off the uniform, facings, trouser and sock colors. Headgear and musicians uniforms for the units are also included. Sections for foot, horse (cuirassiers and dragoons), mountain fusiliers, artillery, volunteer/militia and irregular units are included. Foot and horse flags, as well as tips for wargaming the period really round out the presentation. The authors achieved their goal of producing a comprehensive study of the period.
While the entire download is free, a donation of 20Euros ($12.75) will grant the donor the perpetual rights to obtain new upgrades or reissues of the article, sent directly to the home e-mail address. This is an outstanding article on a fascinating period of warfare in the early 18th century. Figures specific to the armies of Spain are available through Editions Brokaw (to get a list of the available armies and figures, please contact Pat at: Catalonia Stands Alone is an all-inclusive publication for those gamers who enjoy the WSS in general or for those who want to try to wargame something out of the ordinary. It is a “must have” article!
Price: Free!


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