Monday, August 10, 2009

While the conversion contest “officially” ended 20 Feb 09, there are still significantly cheaper models are available from Company B specifically for vehicle conversions – the main difference is in the style of road wheels. There used to be a link for lots of extras that could be purchased but I cannot find it at this time. Interesting examples of what people have been able to accomplish have been posted on the official website!
My experience is that Category 1 is far simpler than Category 2 – the Italian armed truck (based on trucks from the movie “Lion of the Desert”) was completed in far less time than the Jeffrey-Poplavko armored car. Hand gluing almost 400 little rivets could have had something to do with that, of course, however, the satisfaction of having the only 28mm Poplavko armored car in the world is quite rewarding. The amount of time placed into completing this project is as little or great as you would like but the results are very cool and incredibly fun – I never thought that I could do anything like this. I had a blast despite the challenges I encountered.
The models I received were factory seconds but it made no difference as most parts were removed or covered by thin sheet styrene. The sheet styrene, plastic square rods or rectangles cost about $10 total; I now have lots of extra parts just in case I wish to do yet another car or other conversions. The only thing getting in my way is the all the other cool projects I want to do!
Update: I got some more bits and pieces from Company B to try to create another car. The pictures on the right show the pre and post model changes. This vehicle is based on a German Freikorps vehicle (see the Osprey Freikorps book or the Gauntlet book, now available from Military History Books in the UK - see the "How Odessa Became Red" blog here - on RCW armored cars); I made a gun from loose lead I purchased from Monday Knight Productions at Enfilade. More pics top follow. I submitted this car to Company B so it might actually get turned into something for purchase!
Price: $7.50


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