Monday, August 10, 2009

Duel in the Dark Expansion
By Friedemann de Pedro
This game simulates the 1940 RAF bombing campaign over occupied Europe. It is the first expansion game of the innovative “Duel in the Dark” (winner of Dice Tower’s Best New Game Designer award and nominated for four other Origin Awards). Instead of pre-plotted flight paths, the British player has the ability to plot the moves for his Wellington each turn in an effort to avoid contact with the Luftwaffe. The Nachtjägd now has only 20 ground resource markers (GRM), with fewer choices and two Me110s to intercept the British bomber. With reduced values for bombing the target cities, this game offers new challenges for 2-3 players. Play testing revealed the historical Kammhuber Line style defense was actually a fairly effective method of protecting Festung Europa. With each game lasting only about 30 minutes, a series of games can be played each evening. This was released at “Spiel”, the huge gaming convention in Essen, Germany this October and I was informed it should be available around Thanksgiving 2008. The short playing time allows several games to be played in a sitting – the changes from the original game make this game a fun and exciting challenge for both sides.
Price: $20


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