Monday, August 10, 2009

Duel in the Dark Expansion
By Friedemann de Pedro
Baby Blitz, the second expansion represents the January 1944 return of the Luftwaffe to the night skies over England. This expansion offers significantly more options to both the British and German players. The RAF now sports a second, spoof raid and a second Mosquito. The Luftwaffe can now strike back at England with three V1s and the He177 Greif (Griffon), however, careful planning is essential in order to ensure positive points are scored!
Five nachtjägers now defend the night skies and introduces the He219 Uhu (Owl) – the Germans now have a weapon to strike back at the elusive Mosquito! The He 219 can also fly two hexes like the Mosquito but, unlike the Mosquito, has to pay fuel costs for each hex traveled.
The game also includes a new map section for England and eastern Ireland, British GRM and completely updated weather cards that can also be used in the original Duel in the Dark.
The expansion is more than just the addition of some new flying pieces. Game mechanics are altered a bit to add more “fog of war” for both sides. The new weather cards offer some real challenges to each side’s missions. There is also a new phase of the moon, the “Quarter Moon”, where no advantages or penalties are afforded to players – appropriate as the full and new moon phases only account for 50% of the month! In addition to the basic rules, there are many optional rules for those who like to “tinker” with the basic rules (and isn’t that almost everyone?!)
The game is designed at this time for 2-4 players, but it is possible for up to 7 players to enjoy the game – as an aside, local gamers, Dave Flatray, Mike McClellan and I did most of the playtesting for this game! This expansion was also released at “Spiel”, the huge gaming convention in Essen, Germany. Watch for this soon at (USA distributor) and
Price: $34.99


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