Monday, August 10, 2009

Thoroughbred Miniatures
These are the two newest ships produced by Thoroughbred Miniatures – so new, in fact, that they have not been listed on their website! Cast in white metal, both of these ships are precision made so that all the parts fit perfectly. 1/600 scale.
The Tuscumbia is one of the wider Union casemate ironclads and packs quite a punch with three 11” Dahlgren smoothbores in the forward casemate (the port and starboard guns possibly on pivots) and two 9” Dahlgren smoothbores in the rear casemate (stern facing only). Additional information shows three additional 11” Dahlgrens were added, though where these weapons were placed is not discussed. It is protected by 2” of iron plate over 12” of wood. Speed – 10 knots.
The Missouri is a VERY interesting ship – she is one of very few Confederate paddlewheel ironclads and her six gun ports sport only three guns! An 11”Dahlgren smoothbore fired ahead and to starboard, a 32-pound siege gun ahead and to port and a 9” Dahlgren smoothbore shot from either of the aft broadside gun ports. The middle broadside gun ports, sculpted on the model (and on the actual ship) do not support a gun at all! The mix of weaponry came from a captured Union ship. She has 4.5” of armor on her sides. Like almost all Confederate ironclads, she is hampered by poor engines, able to attain 6 knots.
These figures are a breeze to prepare and paint. Everything fits so nicely – at times I had to remove some primer to allow the pieces to slip into place. Cleaning, priming and painting can be accomplished in one sitting in the evening. Even with my pathetically slow painting skills, I got both of these ships done in a about an evening. Best of all, with ironclads you need only one to play the game - they are ready to put on the table and go overnight! Neither vessel has ship stats, but this is quite easy to do (please refer to Issue #10 of the HMG for three examples).
Price: USS Tuscumbia $20, CSS Missouri $15
p.s. I picked up even more ships at the recent Historicon convention so keep looking here to see my "fleets" expand! Look for a scenario using Thoroughbred ships as well - most likely on the Citadel, the e-magazine for the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society!


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