Monday, October 12, 2009


Warlord Games

This will be the first of a number of reviews of the new plastic wargaming figures available now – more reviews will follow. I must say that I was initially skeptical when it came to plastic figures – they would be too difficult to clean, they would be too time consuming to build (they looked like old fashioned models) and they would lack the comforting weighty feel of metal figures. I am writing now to say that I was completely mistaken about plastic figures – they are every bit as good as any other line of figures available!

Warlord Games is producing an excellent line of plastic miniatures to include the English Civil War and Ancients. They come out with new figures regularly to supplement all lines – cavalry, infantry, artillery and some very cool personality figures. The ECW free giveaway is a 28M on the Barrett Scale and comes with two sets of arms and hats. The detail is crisp and the sculpting shows a realistic looking running/advancing figure. Cleaning the plastic figures was dead easy, far easier and quicker than cleaning lead. I like to use a beat up old drybrushing paintbrush around to dust off the figures after cleaning. Putting the figures together was remarkably easy and brought back old memories as I used good old airplane model glue to fix the arms and hat (scoring both parts of the glued surfaces first to allow better attachment); this, too, proved very quick and easy – after preparing a few figures it was impossible to tell the difference between preparing metal and plastic. The clincher came when the figures were finally based and mounted - avoiding plastic bases and using my standard square bases, they felt suprizing good to me. Another set of myths down the drain.

The figures I had were fun to paint – the only challenge is, due to the separate arms structures, these miniatures can be like no other single cast figure would be and getting paint into tight spaces takes care. Still, it is a minor thing to do when you consider the wide range of poses that can be made and are available. My first foray into the realm of plastics using Warlord miniatures was completely successful – look for more reviews of their figures here.

I finally got some decent photos made of the free give away English Civil War figures available from Warlord Games. The combination of three types of headgear (he can always be hatless!) and two arm styles allows for six different figures. Not being contented with that and being the tinkerer that I am, I tried to do a quick conversion figure using the unused, spare arms from the first two kits. I removed the musket from one hand for the right arm and the right arm for the musket carrying left arm (I chose the left arm from the pair that appeared to hold the musket more in the middle). I severed the left hand/musket just above the wrist in the seam of the cuff to turn the musket a bit more forwards instead of across the body. Using an old spare pin (I had removed the round top to make a set of stacked cannonballs), it was a simple task to drill in the plastic to reinforce this new seam. I used old fashioned model glue to put the figure together.

Another small change I made to these figures was to include seams at the top of the Montero style hat. I used a sharp dental tool, though any type of scribing tool will work, to etch six lines into the top of the hat. I liked the extra detail it gave and made the Montero look even better (it is my favorite style of ECW era hat!)

These figures are beautifully sculpted and are great for beginning armies or as additions to existing forces. I am looking forward to more of their releases – please check out their website, listed below – their entire line is worth checking out!


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