Monday, October 12, 2009

The Army Painter

Like the black primer, Army Painter Blue and Green primers are excellent spray paints, covering figures quite well with a very smooth and gentle spray. It was very easy to cover the sample figures (that I purchased specifically to show off these paints!) completely with only one coat of spray. I was able to spray these paints directly onto the miniatures (both plastic and metal parts) without any problems, drips or bare patches. It should also be easy to alter the shades of blue and green with the choice of base primer – black offering a darker shade and white, a lighter shade of the base color.

In painting the figures, it is very easy to see how these shades can speed up the entire painting process. Considerable time can be saved by being able to place the basic primer and shade for an entire army in one spray for each side – for the base painting of the figures I used for this example, I was finished drybrushing the shades I wanted in only minutes. This saves not just time but sanity as getting the base color into all the nooks and crannies of every single figure can be tedious and boring, as well! You can well imagine how quickly large armies can be painted using these shades – painting large armies will LOTS quicker!I have included the initial look of these primed figures in these pictures. I am currently putting the finishing touches on the final figures and will upload those pictures at a later date. The paints were just too good to keep a secret! There are a dozen different base color primer color, so definitely check them out – any aid to help speed my painting is a bonus!

Price: $13.49


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