Monday, August 10, 2009

By Mike Kirby
This initial publication from Miniatures Wargames does an excellent job providing background information and scenarios for recreating battles in India during the first truly global conflict between Britain and France. 40 pages, with table of contents, maps for all the battles and color pictures on the front and back pages only.
This book is very well researched and, as the author states, the scenarios are not intended for use with any specific set of rules. It begins by offering small paragraphs describing the different type of Indian and European infantry, cavalry and artillery troop types (as well as two “private” armies: the East India Company and the Compagnie des Indes). This is well written and essential reading for a novice yet interesting enough for those experienced with this period. Part 2 discusses the historical background of the period in general and, more specifically, describes the major battles (8) spanning the entire period. Each scenario has its own map and order of battle for the opposing sides. Part 3 describes the makeup of individual Indian, British and French armies so that gamers can set up their own, “what if” battles and campaigns. There are sections for figure availability in 25mm, 15mm and 6mm figures as well as a section on painting and basing. Finally, there are special rules to help recreate the specific fighting for this period and region.
This book is well researched and interesting to read. The scenario battles and their results are well organized and presented. The historical information is very useful and the scenarios offer something really different for gamers who enjoy horse and musket wargames. This book is a “must” in the libraries of everyone who is interested in the Seven Years War.
Price: appx. $14.00 (£9.95)


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