Monday, October 12, 2009


The Army Painter

When I first got a package of Army Painter products and saw the Super Glue, I thought that I would use up the cheapo glue I already had and wait for something important on which to demonstrate it. What a dope I was for waiting – this glue has been nothing less than a sleeper product! While I have been impressed with all the products available from Army Painter the quality of their glue has surprised me the most!

I know what you must be thinking: “It is only glue. What is so special about it?” I can tell you that it is the best super glue I have ever used. I have used brand name to the dollar store bulk products and this glue surpasses them all – I have been using is for about three months now as I have been building my Russian Civil War Train and converting some Ford Model T vehicles, both available from Company B. Despite frequent use, the glue has clogged only twice and the simple screw off top made it too simple to clean without loss of any glue. With the “Army Sized” bottle (20ml), I still have tons of glue left that flows as nicely as it did the first day I used it – the photo posted shows my actual bottle after use – it still looks sharp! Compared to name brand super glues, this bottle is 10 times the size but only 3.6 times the cost – a real bargain.

The glue flows very smoothly from the tip of the applicator. The larger sized bottle allows for more control when squeezing so that large globs of glue bursting forth from the container are a thing of the past. The pin type cap did not work with the snap on cap but I found this was not necessary. I, unfortunately, accidentally removed the very thin applicator attachment that allows pin point precision of very small amounts of glue (likely where the pin cap is used) and the glue dried inside it. When I did use it, I had even better control; I was able to place the precise amount of glue exactly where I wanted it to go.

Army Painter Super Glue is an amazing product and a “gotta have” product. I know I will be using this as my primary glue from now on!

Price: $8.99 for 20ml


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Maximus Gluteus said...

Where can I get this stuff?
Dick Bryant

At 10:32 AM, Blogger TrentL said...

I bought their super glue and its HORRIBLE... absolutely awful.

If you think this stuff is good you should try BSI Insta-Cure+ ( Its way better...


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